Note: I am here to teach you all of the secrets that I have learned about manifesting thoughts and dreams into something tangible. :)


Have you ever day dreamed or thought of something you wanted but logically didn't think you could have?

Example Welcome To Tangible Wonderland



I'm Enah, creator of Tangible Wonderland. Here you will learn how to manifest the things that you thought were out of your reach.

If you think that you are not worthy of the best things in life.. or if you have lost confidence in your self. You will learn several things here that will change your outlook on life.

I will give you the basis first. Then I will list several websites or video's that will help you GET the things that you thought were out of your reach.

Ready? Set! Go! Example

STEP 1. Think of something you want.

2- Simply "REALLY" want it and make your mind and heart aware that this is something that you .. DESIRE.

3- Receive it in your mind and heart. and be thankful. Thank the Universe,God,Creation,Source- for what you are about to receive and be excited about it!

4- Have faith that it is manifested in it's energy form already and it is yours.

5- Let it go.. just stop thinking about it and go about your life.

6- Don't think about when it will arrive.. just think of happy words and thoughts to lift yourself up. Listen to happy music or things you like.

7- Depending on how much you really want it.. it will come sooner or later.. but it will come!

8- Write down the date of your manifestation in your notebook or somewhere you will find it later so that when it does come you will have record of the moment you planted the seed of it's manifestation!

You are Done. For more information on how to do this even better. Type "manifest" on YouTube and you will find plenty of videos on this subject.

Here's to the beginning of your new and wonderful life! All things have energy so there is nothing that you cannot have. Just manifest it!


Enah-Tangible Wonderland





Manifest What You Want!